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Tomorrow's Technology for Today

"Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real."
― Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days


We craft stunning digital experiences for all

Our passion for making technology that promotes peace and prosperity for people and the planet now and into the future comes from our broad world perspective, inclusive of all people groups, socio-cultural systems, and languages.

Powered by geeks and gurus

Makánal Tech serves an industry-diverse portfolio of clients in Europe and North America ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

Enterprise Project Management

Our clients are some of the world's largest corporations, governments, and authorities. Our vetted development team strictly complies with government regulations, intellectual property rights, non-disclosure agreements, and other contractual requirements.  

Business Application Development

Our senior developers have over 30 years of commercial software development experience across various industries, platforms, frameworks, and programming languages. 

Technical Staffing & Support Services

Our clients benefit from our Virtual CIO (vCIO) service to assist with action planning and road mapping, cost analysis and optimization, technical health and risk analysis, and change management. In addition, our technical staff extends the capabilities of our clients by providing technical project managers, solution architects, engineers, technicians, and developers for short or long-term engagements. 

Managed Services

Our professional team provides proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support to ensure that your IT systems are running smoothly and securely. Our services are designed to help you reduce downtime, improve system performance, and enhance overall security, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.

We are wired to connect

We recognize the value and importance of people connecting. While technology may seem to foster connections, it often leaves us disconnected from nature, ourselves, and others. We founded Makánal Tech with the goal of creating meaningful digital experiences that enhance connections rather than replace them.

Let's get connected

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